Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mackinac Island...(the first half)

We made it home today from Mackinac Island. We had a FANTASTIC time! What a beautiful place to visit in the early fall. It's not too crowded and the weather's not too hot (or cold!) There are way too many photos for one here's the first round. I'll try and get the rest of them up soon with another blog.

First, a picture from last week that I just love. Jack and his "og." My friend Carrie got this for him before he was even born and now it gets carried around with him everywhere :)
On the way up north, we met up with Rob's parents who were just coming back from the island. Perfect timing to meet them for lunch :)
The ferry! It was windy, but not too chilly so we decided to ride on the top for the best view. And Jack loved it :)

We headed to Fort Mackinac the first day. Wow, it's been a long time since I've been there, but the walk is just as high/steep as I remember...
...but what a beautiful view from the top.

Having fun in the children's area in the fort.

And getting into things we probably weren't supposed to.
A canon! (But I think the bird nearby was more interesting at that moment.)Chasing the geese with daddy on Mission Point

Mission Point Resort
Walking the streets downtownAnd at the not surprisingly vacant harbor

The horse outside of our bed&breakfast...Jack didn't want any help holding on.
See! I'm a big boy.But I guess I'll take a picture with you too, mom.
Up at daddy's level

Lunch on the was a BEAUTIFUL day.We found a playground!
Hmmm...what's up here? The top was nowhere in sight.Beautiful and well worth the 20 min. climb.

...and the rest to come in a later blog!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Just a few pictures to share from the last week...

The "big boy" swing, all by himself :)

Tuckered out and taking a rest at the park after lots of fun.

Corndogs in Grand Haven (yummy) and watching the boats.

First time actually IN Lake Michigan...of the bazillions of times we've been there it's always been too cold to actually go in. Rob and I forgot our own swimsuits though. Oops.

And of course, can't forget to mention how much he enjoys the sand.

Being goofy with daddy's shoes.

And Holland State Park...where we frequent the most. It was BUSY on Labor Day.

My usual (and unsuccessful) attempt at a sweet family portrait.

Watching the boats head out to the big lake...while waving and saying "hi" to each one.

Ready to go home! Or as Jack says "dull dun!"