Sunday, November 16, 2008

"I lub eww!"

Jack's latest...
  • He loves to dust the house...with baby wipes???
  • He much prefers showers over baths all of a sudden.
  • He loves to "read" books to us (it's rather funny.)
  • He's a little obsessed with Curious George and talks about "Dirge" (George) often.
  • His newest word, as of this morning, is "raintint" (raisins). And he will gladly go help himself to a little box of raintint from the pantry cupboard.
  • He tries to put diapers on his stuffed animals. And cleans them with baby wipes also.
  • He can *almost* jump. He's been "jumping" for a couple months (squat down, and spring up quickly with his arms up), but his feet never actually leave the ground :)
  • The truck/car/tractor/anything-on-wheels phase I don't think is just a phase anymore. It's just part of being a boy I'm convinced.
  • He's learning his colors! He's pretty good at identifying blue, green and yellow now.
  • His vocabulary is right around 70 words now...(I only know that number as I was making a list for his baby book the other day)
  • He learned to say "I love you" and it melts my heart :) See the video below...