Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Jack's 2 year pictures

So by now I'm sure most of you have seen these on my Facebook or elsewhere...(great pictures travel fast, huh?!) But in case you haven't had the opportunity to see our cutie yet, here they are again :) Many thanks to Amy Carroll for her awesome talent...she's been our family photographer since Jack was still in my belly!

On a sidenote, Jack LOVED Amy. He kept saying her name over and over and over during the session. In the car on the way home he asked for my phone. I handed it to him and asked him who he was going to call. He held the phone up to his ear and announced "Mommy, call Amy. Hi, Amy. Thank you. Love, Amy. Bye bye, Amy." So I decided to let him call Amy real quick and leave her a voicemail... (Amy, I'm not sure if you even understood it, but that jumbled message the other day was Jack expressing his thanks and love :)

Now onto the pictures...which can also be viewed here: