Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Jack's 2 year pictures

So by now I'm sure most of you have seen these on my Facebook or elsewhere...(great pictures travel fast, huh?!) But in case you haven't had the opportunity to see our cutie yet, here they are again :) Many thanks to Amy Carroll for her awesome talent...she's been our family photographer since Jack was still in my belly!

On a sidenote, Jack LOVED Amy. He kept saying her name over and over and over during the session. In the car on the way home he asked for my phone. I handed it to him and asked him who he was going to call. He held the phone up to his ear and announced "Mommy, call Amy. Hi, Amy. Thank you. Love, Amy. Bye bye, Amy." So I decided to let him call Amy real quick and leave her a voicemail... (Amy, I'm not sure if you even understood it, but that jumbled message the other day was Jack expressing his thanks and love :)

Now onto the pictures...which can also be viewed here:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New floors!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Rob is not a "Hallmark holiday" kind of guy. Nonetheless, he really made a HUGE effort on Valentine's day! And I mean literally. He installed new floors in the house! (And of course, thanks to my father-in-law for helping too!)

Two of the floors are done and the third floor will be finished next weekend. Everything except bedrooms and bathrooms will be done. We're still waiting on the stair and trim pieces to it will likely be a couple weeks before it is completely finished. But I love them already! I'm finding they are so much easier to keep clean :)

(Pardon the messy living room...and we still can't agree on new living room furniture...a quest that has been going on for almost a year now. *sigh*)

And I also did a little project in the playroom. I found some Martha Stewart letter cards at Michael's. They have the alphabet and corresponding animals in a vintage fashion on them. I hung some twine and used baby clothespins to hang the pictures. I'm happy with how it turned out! Altogether, it took me 15 min. and $18 :) (No his play room is NOT always this clean...most of his toys are just shoved in the closet right now!)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

On vacation...details later, pictures now...

These are not in any particular order...

At the Lego Store in Downtown Disney...he really wanted to have the dogs.
I think this is Quincy (?) from The Little Einsteins...whoever he was, Jack loved him!
Having fun in the seashells at the Orlando Science Museum (a really cool place!)
Getting ready for the 3-D Toy Story Mania ride at Hollywood Studios (which was super fun!)
The Magic Kingdom in the rain is still fun.
The "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" giant playground at Hollywood Studios...very cool!
Admiring Kermit...a very giant Kermit.
Watching the Muppets 3-D show...
His first rollercoaster ride...which he loved :)
The Magic sunshine.
Does this really need a caption? Jack with Mickey...On the safari at Animal's rather up close with the fences
King Louie!
Obligatory mouse ears...
He just looks so cute (and big!) here...

We're still vacationing...more to come later!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009!

We had a wonderful Christmas spent with both sides of our families. Jack was so much fun this year :) We are blessed.

For New Years Eve last night, we headed to the Grand Rapids Griffin's game (hockey, for those of you not from around here). It was Jack's first hockey game...and what a riot! He was SOOOOOOOO excited and kept running around and smacking the plexiglass, yelling "BOOM!" everytime the players would smash up against it (we had front row tickets). He was so hyped up on the sounds, the action, the "airplane" (the blimp that flies aroun and drops coupons/etc.), the people, etc. I have never seen him have more fun :) Sadly, I forgot my camera.

Well, I am officially done working my crazy holiday season with Chanel. Yahoo! Each year from the beginning of October through the end of the year I am insanely busy freelancing for them. This year was no exception, though it's still a lot of fun. I certainly welcome the break now and opportunity to breathe and get my home and schedule back in order. Mostly, I missed a lot of storytimes and bedtimes with Jack; so glad to have those back again.

Very much looking forward to our much needed vacation in just a couple weeks. All for now...I'm actually going to bed at 9:15!