Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Beet, peeze!" and costume party :)

Jack loves to play in the sand at the beach, a place he learned to love this past summer. As of late though, he will randomly start talking about the "beet!, beet!...peeze!" (translated: beach...please). The other day we were outside playing and Jack RUNS around the side of the house to the backyard as quick as he can! Then he goes straight for the neighbors yard. I'm just watching him, scratching my head wondering why??? They have a little swing set to play on but Jack hasn't shown much of an interest in that. Then it dawned on me. Just beyond the swing set is....the "BEET!" A sandbox. I couldn't help but start laughing when he started yelling "beet, mama! beet mama!" as he started digging in the cold sand. My sweet, sweet boy :)

Running as fast as he can...

The beet! The beet! (if you look close it's just past the little swing set.)
Later on, he found some "crunchy" leaves.

And he brought them to me so we could crunch them together. It was fun :)
Last night we had our annual GR Baby costume party at Chuck E Cheese's! Jack had a lot of fun :) And not surprisingly, we had a huge turn out once again (roughly 40-50 of us???) Here are a few photos (Amanda and Tricia, I'm borrowing some of yours!)

Jack and Addie, he kept giving her hugs...

...and kisses.

A group shot...the lighting is awful in there, so I don't think anyone really got a "good" shot. Anyway, here are most of the moms and kids. The dads are all taking the pictures :)

By the way, Jack was a dinosaur...a slightly unhappy one...

When he was staring into the case, mesmerized by all the goodies, he kept saying "Woooooow!" over and over in a really soft voice. It was really too cute :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Seeing orange...

Almost a month of no blogging...oops.

There's so much orange around, I love it! It is after all my favorite color. If you ask my mother she may even recall a time during my childhood when I refused to eat anything that wasn't orange. (True story. Though it didn't last longer than a week at most.)

Anyway, with fall in the air Jack and I have been going outdoors a lot. One of our favorite things to do is "crunch" the leaves (they turn a lovely rusty orange shade when they're perfectly crunchable). Whenever we see these leaves on the sidewalks, we walk all over them (ok, it looks more like a little dance) until they don't crunch anymore. Then Jack announces "all done!" And we look for another one :) Seriously fun times with a 1 1/2 year old.

In other orange news, we went to the pumpkin patch tonight! We took the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch to pick our own pumpkins. At this point Jack was more interested in the tractor that towed the hay ride than the pumpkins or the hay ride itself. After we picked out the perfect pumpkins we headed back for homemade cider and donuts (which are beyond delicious.) And then Jack found great happiness in a couple of the kittens roaming the farm...

The hay ride
The tractor...of course.
Beautiful day!
Jack announces enthusiastically "APPLE!" And I shake my head and say "No sweetie, it's a bitter pumpkin!" Too late. But too cute!
One of the cats that caught his attention...he was SO happy to hold it all by himself!And the video...(it's about 2 min. FYI)

For more orange cuteness...take a look at this!! I ordered Jack's winter gear and it arrived today. I can't decide if he looks more like an astronaut or a convict or a little orange Eskimo. The coat however will be going back b/c Jack's noggin is really too big for the opening in the pullover style (we'll get a "regular" zip up coat instead...but still orange!) Anyway, I at least had to snap a couple pictures...even though he wasn't very happy :) (He kept saying "Mommy, no, no, no furry!")

And last bit of orange news...I bought a new pair of shoes for myself :) You guessed it...they are orange! (And while slightly ugly, unbelievably comfortable...)