Sunday, February 15, 2009

New floors!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Rob is not a "Hallmark holiday" kind of guy. Nonetheless, he really made a HUGE effort on Valentine's day! And I mean literally. He installed new floors in the house! (And of course, thanks to my father-in-law for helping too!)

Two of the floors are done and the third floor will be finished next weekend. Everything except bedrooms and bathrooms will be done. We're still waiting on the stair and trim pieces to it will likely be a couple weeks before it is completely finished. But I love them already! I'm finding they are so much easier to keep clean :)

(Pardon the messy living room...and we still can't agree on new living room furniture...a quest that has been going on for almost a year now. *sigh*)

And I also did a little project in the playroom. I found some Martha Stewart letter cards at Michael's. They have the alphabet and corresponding animals in a vintage fashion on them. I hung some twine and used baby clothespins to hang the pictures. I'm happy with how it turned out! Altogether, it took me 15 min. and $18 :) (No his play room is NOT always this clean...most of his toys are just shoved in the closet right now!)


Em said...

Oh wow, Julie! I love them!! Is your house echoing now?? :o) My parents just had them installed and you can hear everything, but I think it's b/c of their vaulted ceiling.

Anyway, you have me ITCHING to do the same thing. They look absolutely fabulous! I LOVE!!!
And the letters are so cute. Your downstairs playroom is so fun!!

Amanda said...

Love the floors!!!!!!!!

We just got rid of the bedroom set in our "office" and now the room echoes!

Love the wall letters too.. I still want to do something with them, only to have the time to go buy them!

Julie said...

Yes there is quite a bit of echoing. Our living room is vaulted as well and the sound really does carry (it's not that annoying though). We do have a large rug that we haven't decided if we're going to put back in the living room or not...I kind of like the look of just the floors. We'll see.

Amy Carroll said...

Julie...the floors look Amazing!!!

Christina said...

You have a great sense of style! Love it!