Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's been a while...

A much long overdue post....apologies.

To sum up the last few weeks...
  • Jack was sick.
  • I was sick.
  • He's better.
  • I'm better.
  • We participated as a family in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life a few weekends ago.
  • Jack gave me the most beautiful balloon for Mother's Day.
  • He learned how to "dance." It's quite humorous. (Going to attempt an uploaded video below...???)
  • I went through allergy testing and had 63 scratches and 48 shots in one day....oy. It was sort of fascinating, actually, and now I have answers!
  • But overall, life is good. :)

We headed to Saugatuck this afternoon on a whim. We head there quite a bit during the summer...this was the first trip of the season. So fun to just stroll and browse, ice cream cone in hand. On our strolls, Jack got to meet a dog named Tiny Tim and thought he was the best little furry, squirmy thing. He laughed with delight when Tiny Tim licked him. It was a sight :) He also had an orange cream soda, chocolate ice cream cone and gobbled up some fancy cheeses (Rob and I LOVE cheeses...good to know Jack has the taste too.) Anyway, after a stop at the Spice Merchants to pick up some rice varieties and Spanish Paprika we decided to head home. What a great, leisurely afternoon :)

The neighborhood pool was opened last week. We decided to take full advantage of that later this afternoon after Saugatuck. Jack certainly didn't forget how much he loves the pool! He was laughing and smiling and screaming (happy screams). He is definitely a water baby. And he looked oh so adorable in his tiny swim trunks :) I'll take pictures on the next pool excursion.

And because photo-free blogs aren't all that exciting, here's one of my favorites from just a week ago...Jack is smiling! He never smiles for the camera...or I should say "rarely" smiles for the camera. He's such a happy boy, but when that camera shows up it's all seriousness. Anyway, I love this one with all of his 8 little teeth :)

Say "cheese!"

The dancing :)


Amy Carroll said...

Julie, that is TOO cute! Jason and I loved the dancing video ;)

cocojames said...

SO cute:) Joe and I both got a good giggle out of it, how precious! You look fabulous, by the way.

Amanda said...

Yet he is afraid of my little Else :(

Love the smile, and the dancing!!! Adorable!

Funny, I just recorded a dancing video I was going to post! Ha!