Thursday, May 01, 2008

Trips to the ER and pictures with balloons

Since every post title in the month of April contained the word cupcake I couldn't break that streak. And I couldn't think of how to creatively use the word cupcake again in a title yesterday so I had to wait until today, May 1. Wow, it's May already!

Here's the latest happenings with, Jack :)

Last weekend was rough! On Jack, that is. (Well, I suppose on Rob and I too, indirectly.) Jack had a runny nose for a few days last week but I chalked it up to teething. Then Saturday evening it turned into a horrible fever, wheezing, coughing, congestion and struggled breathing. We decided to take him in to the med center. After a chest x-ray and evaluation, we were told he had RSV. The dr. wanted to admit him to the hospital for observation and regular breathing treatments as he was really struggling to breathe. We opted to have the two breathing treatments and a steroid shot that were offered and to monitor him at home instead. Sunday he was making great improvements. That evening however, he woke up choking/coughing and with the concerning chest retractions again. We took him to the ER and he was put on an inhaler. (By the way, 2am must be the hour to go to the ER...there was NO wait and we were in and out in a little over an hour.) Anyway, that was the worst of it and he is doing SO much better now! We have a follow-up appointment this afternoon with his pediatrician to check his lungs and I am expecting a great report :)

Yesterday we had Jack's 1 year photos taken with the super fabulous Amy Carroll. She put a few photos on her blog yesterday and they're adorable...though I realize I may be biased too :) I can't wait to see the rest! We had such a riot :)

I've compiled a list (more for my own reference as I'm bad about actually writing things in his baby book) of some of Jack's favorite things as of late:

Skates: Every time he sees Rob he shouts "Daddy! Sssssss...." and he knows that daddy will take him skating around the neighborhood. It's so darling! Actually, it's the first thing he says most mornings too to let us know he's up...chanting "Daddy! Sssssss...." from his crib :)

: He could spend hours outside digging through the rocks (and taste testing them all). We have great fun with the simplest things and I certainly have a new appreciation for them.

Lights: Any and all lights, he is just so eager to turn them on and off himself or at least have you acknowledge, "Yes, Jack, that IS a light! Good job!" He points and shouts "di-igh!" He is so proud of himself :)

Wind Chime: We have a little wind chime that hangs in the front door. I got this for him when were in in Calgary earlier this year. For whatever reason, the chime has been nicknamed that "pretty." So he will walk over to the door, point up and yell "Pity!"

Balloons: The balloon obsession continues as well. "Ba-mooon!" He was able to point out the singular mylar balloon that had floated to the very high rafted ceiling in Meijer the other day. "Ba-moon!!!!!!!!!" he says with just passion. I'm sure the other shoppers were in hysterics over his determination to show me the 'bamoon.' :) Balloons now have a strange way of appearing most places we go...or maybe it's just that I notice them now

Hope everyone has a nice finish to the week!


Sadie VK said...

His pictures are SOOOO adorable, Julie. I love them. Hope he's feeling better soon!

The Loucks Family said...

Goodness Julie - I truly mean it when I say Jack is a DOLL - so darling!

Courtney said...

He is so precious! I absolutely love the pictures that Amy took.

Beth said...

I truly do think that store owners put balloons in hidden places just so our children will find them and yell out Balloon really loud. Our in Jack's case it's Ba-moon and in Christopher's case it's Ba-woon. LOL. Jack is getting so big and cuter by the day!