Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Beach

Yesterday we ventured out to Holland State Park to see the waves. There was supposed to be a storm and cooler weather (read: huge waves though they weren't that big this time.) It was very cold but the gorgeous landscape is worth bearing the temperature! This beach is special to us as Rob proposed to me here on the sand dunes and we were also married right on the beach almost 5 years ago! Anyway, a few pictures to share from yesterday :)

Jack had a blast, even though it was super windy and frigid.

There was only one other person out there and he was kind enough to take a picture for us.

In case you ever wondered what to do if you find yourself in a rip current...


The scenery is so refreshing. I love it.


Christina said...

I love that last picture!!

Amanda said...

Break the grip of the rip!!!!!!!

Beautiful pictures!!! And is that another smile from Jack in a picture!

The Loucks Family said...

So beautiful! Looks like fun!

Rachael said...

Beautiful Pictures!

Jenn ~ Rainah's Mama said...

Wow; that is gorgeous! Great photos.