Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Great day :)

It's a wonderful day because...

1). My sister-in-law and brother-in-law arrive any moment now from Colorado! We are so excited to see and spend time with them over the next several days.

2.) The FedEx man brought my newly fixed camera back to me this morning!

3.) I made delicious strawberry pie today with the strawberries we picked on Monday...Yum!

4.) ...simply because every day is a beautiful day in some way or another :)

Let me just rave about Canon's customer service for a moment. When I called them several weeks ago about my camera instead of waiting on hold, they called ME back when they were available (which was only 15 min. later). Then the gentlemen I spoke with was incredibly kind and Canon paid for me to send my camera to them. The camera was fixed free of charge and now I have it to take lots of pictures with again! I'm happy :) So very soon I can start blogging again with photos! Because blogs with photos are much more interesting.

Jack and I spent yesterday running through the underground sprinkling in the yard we have 7 different zones which means a lot of sprinklers! As one zone would turn off and another on, we would just move to a new area. He would get all distraught when they went back in the ground and then laugh hysterically moments later when the next zone turned on! He had a riot! Then Aunt Nan came over and we went swimming later on which is always a blast. And there was also some play time with the sand and water table...which is just a water table for right now. So lots of water play yesterday!

In other Jack news...he's teething. Has been for a few weeks and the first molars are just peeking through on top. Then last week, I noticed the eye teeth (aka the "fang teeth") on top are also cutting through. And today...add two more to that list! He has two (first molar and eye tooth) coming through as well! SIX teeth at once?! Poor baby dude! After these 6, only 6 more baby teeth before he has a full mouth!

Rob and I plotted out a vegetable garden a few days ago...I know, terribly late in the season. But I'm hoping to pick up some pre-grown plants for this year at least. (Next year I would like to plant my own from seeds.) It's all roto-tilled (is that how you spell it?) now and the wood beams that frame it and fabric-type stuff (that you lay between the clay ground and the soil) are in as well. We just need a lot of soil and plants now...and hope that it works :)

And now a funny story for the day...

Rob called me this morning. He was laughing and said "Don't let Jack play with the PS3 remote." I was wondering why he would say this? In fact, Jack DID get a hold of it this morning pressing buttons (I told him "no" and took it away, not thinking it was that big of a deal as the tv and receiver were off and I assumed the PS3 was off as well.) Well...with the PS3 you have the capability of purchasing games online from your remote control. Apparently it was NOT turned off and at 8:34 this morning, Jack purchased (brace yourself!) $1700 worth of video games!!! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! Rob then told me he had already called Sony who was more than understanding and canceled the charges.

Hope everyone has an excellent day!
(I'll put pictures in the next post!)


The Loucks Family said...

Jack is quite the little spender isn't he!? Keep your credit cards under lock and key Julie! :-)

Amanda said...

Well.... where are the pictures??????

Also, you better take pictures of those sock patterns!

Sadie VK said...

LOL - $1700 worth of video games?? That's hilarious.