Friday, June 13, 2008

Lots of updates!

Hello, hello.

My friend Deb's wedding last weekend was beautiful. It was definitely an "eventful" weekend shall we call it, but like I said, the wedding and the bride were beautiful :) Here are a few pictures (from my friend Carrie's camera):

A group of my friends from high school. I haven't seen a couple of them in years and it was wonderful to reminisce!Makeup time! Although it looks like I'm beating her with the foundation brush...I promise I was being kind.
Carrie and me. Love this girl! (And I was very happy with our dresses too...which for the first of 7 times being a bridesmaid now I think I actually WILL wear it again!)
And with the beautiful bride, Deb :) Congratulations, again!

Now let's see if I can quickly recap the events that made the weekend "eventful" for an entertaining read...

We arrived in to town just in time to throw Jack in the tub (as a result from a VERY messy diaper that soiled the car seat even!) with about 15 min. to spare before heading to the church for the rehearsal. Little did we know, it didn't start for another 1/2 hr so we rushed for nothing! During the rehearsal the power went out and there were tornado warnings and horrible wind and hail outside. On the way to the rehearsal dinner, we had to pull over in fear of trees landing on our car! (Yes, it was THAT windy. Trees were down everywhere!) We made it the 2.5 miles to the rehearsal dinner and Rob began vomiting. Needless to say, we left early. We arrived back to our friends' house to be informed that their air conditioner ran out of freon and we'd be in for a long 95 degree night! (But wait, it gets better.) Jack decides to get up at 2am and stay up until 4am (thank you to the first molars, which are FINALLY cutting through as of yesterday!) He fell back asleep after some major rocking and I pulled the crib directly under the fan. (I have no idea how we didn't wake our friends up with all the furniture rearranging we were doing at 3am!) I then crashed on the floor next to the crib and Rob was sprawled out on the bed...sort of. We were both just exhausted! Morning finally rolled around and I headed out to the church to finish getting ready with the girls. About 1/2 hr. into it, Rob shows up with Jack yelling that we needed to go to the ER right away as he gashed his head on the corner of the fireplace and he's acting odd. We rush there (right next door, thank good thing about a very small town I guess is that everything is close!) and are told that the chapstick-sized goose egg across his forehead simply looks a million times worse than it actually is. (No major damage, yay!) In the meantime, Rob is still not feeling well so I send him and Jack back to our friends' home to wait out the wedding that starts shortly. I rush back next door in time for photos and then the ceremony, which went perfectly and was beautiful. I decided it was wise at this point to (sadly!) skip out on the reception and just get my boys back home. So as the couples were being introduced and then seated at the head table for the reception, I just kept walking...right out the door! (I'm sure people were scratching their heads wondering what I was doing!) I did apologize ahead of time to the bride who was more than understanding given the circumstances. Anyway, we had a nice and smooth ride home, thank the Lord. And within an hour or so of arriving home, our basement flooded.

Whew. Did you catch all of that?! Honestly, I'm laughing about it all :) I don't think any other weekend has topped that one.

And this weekend was the craft show! The morning started out a little disastrous...our tent broke and wasn't even duct-tape fixable...I mean metal-pieces-broke-there-was-no-way-this-thing-was-going-to-stand-up! After that we decided to set the table up at the very least and we broke that too! Finally, we dumped our stuff, headed to Amanda's sister's house to ransack it for whatever we could find to house our items. We ended up with some super great laundry racks (that worked PERFECTLY!) and another table. Then we hit up my house for Jack's umbrella from his sand and water table for some much needed shade. The combination of random items actually ended up working out pretty well! Amanda and I couldn't help but laugh about the morning's events. But! We ended up having a great (dare I say relaxing even?!) and successful day :) The best part was seeing the little excited children fall in love with a sock animal and then walk away snuggling it in their arms :)

In other news, I just booked our family vacation for next winter! We are going on a cruise to the Bahamas. All of my family is going as well (my parents, sisters and their families). It's sort of a celebration for my parent's 40th anniversary as well. It should be a grand time with all the kiddos :) And we've never been cruising before, so I'm very much looking forward to the new experience. It will be nice to have that break of sunshine and warm weather in the middle of winter for sure!

In Jack news...Oh my little boy just lights up my life! He will walk in to the room now simultaneously waving and saying "hi" ever so clear with the hugest (is that a word?) grin on his face. It is just precious! And tonight the three of us took a walk to a little goat farm right outside of our neighborhood (sans stroller because Jack wanted to actually walk himself). We stopped at I think every crack in the sidewalk to examine it and see what had fallen in there. And then every bird that flew overhead we looked up and screamed with excitement until he got so dizzy from looking up so much he fell over. Every moment with him is just too cool and I thank the Lord for bringing such an amazing little person into our lives :)

And last but not least, happy second birthday to my darling little nephew Sam tomorrow! I love you bunches, little man! I hope you enjoy your second year of life and wish you many blessings! Smooches for Sam! XOXO!


Amanda said...

Lots of updates! Have fun on the cruise, that is something great to look forward to in the winter!

The Loucks Family said...

Your weekend, oy vey, you poor girl!!!! You looked gorgeous though! Like I said on Facebook, I LOVE your color, can't believe it's your natural color, I always thought you were a blonde! :-)

EJBABY said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!
I was a bit more nostalgic this year...and with your reminder of the stage Jack is at- I do recall our first walk to the park sans stroller. It is a momentous time to savour.

Courtney said...

You looked fabulous!! What a weekend (to say the least). At least you have stories to share. :)