Thursday, June 05, 2008

Happy June!

Well, last week Jack and I had a fabulous time at the zoo with my friend Amber and her little girl, Regan. (Remember the post with Jack and his friend digging through the fridge for cupcakes? That's Regan.) He LOVES the zoo...I think it's time to invest in a zoo pass because something tells me we'll be there a lot this year! Anyway, I convinced my friend Amber to ride a camel, Jack danced his little heart away on a mini stage, and we of course saw lots and lots of animals! (By the way, the new lion exhibit opens a week from Saturday! We'll be back in the near future for that!)

So, you're probably wondering where the pictures are? My camera broke! :( I could cry about this...I use it ALL THE TIME. It's currently being sent to Canon and hoping they can fix it for less than the cost of a new one at least! But boy oh boy, being camera-less is almost as bad as not having a cell phone or laptop. (Crazy how much technology plays a part of our lives, eh?) In the meantime, use your imagination and I'll try to be as descriptive as I can :)

We're headed out for a long weekend tomorrow as my best friend, Deb, is getting married! We've been friends since high school and I'm happy to be a part of this special day for her :) Looking forward to the celebration! But alas, I remind you...My camera broke! So I probably won't be sharing any photos with you from the weekend...bummer. And wow, I haven't been back to Caro in...a VERY LONG TIME. Several years at least? It's going to be fun :)

Well, sorry for such a short entry, but I have things to do! Going to finish picking up the house this morning (Jack STILL isn't up and it's 9am...woohoo for sleeping in!) so we can head to the neighborhood pool this afternoon. It's going to be a HOT one! (Also the first day we've turned the air conditioning on!)

All for now!

P.S.- Next weekend (June 14) my friend Amanda and I are going to be doing our first craft show! We've been working on making sock monkeys and other sock and glove critters since February for this. So we're both pretty excited! Come out and join us at the Annual Craft Show, part of the Cutlerville Days celebration. (Our tent will be in Cutler Park.)


Amanda said...

You can use my Sony camera if you want? I don't use it too much now, except for short videos.

I still haven't taken Addie to the zoo! I will have to make a point to do that!

Amy Carroll said...

Julie, I also have a camera that you can use. Let me know if you need one!

Courtney said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip to the Zoo. We are going in a couple weeks with some friends. Have a great trip this weekend!!