Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Feelin' Groovy"

So I've been slowly learning to write in html and I'm getting fancier with it by the day. (Now if I can just do a little more something with this silly blog, right? I know.) I've been working on creating a website from scratch (no it's not launched yet...but I will be sure to say when it is.) Anyhow, it's been a fun hobby. I never thought I would enjoy something I would classify as this geeky. And I also like that I can work on it just a few minutes here and there throughout the day and still entertain and spend plenty giggle time with Jack. Surprisingly, Rob (the amazingly smart and technologically savvy man that I just happened to marry) has helped me just a TINY (that was irony, eh?) bit. I'm proud of me, if I do say so!

And I also just got Photoshop a few weeks ago. I'm slowly figuring things out on there as well. Personally, learning a new language I think would be easier. But, one button at a time...I can do this. I will not give up...that's the spirit! These are the pep talks I must give myself so I don't quit. Like the first time I painted a room. It never got finished.

Ah, I'm just impressing myself that I'm trying to learn new things. It's satisfying. I was never a person who craved going to school or anything...actually, quite the opposite :) (In fact, many thanks to Jolyn [my twin sister] STILL for all the papers and homework she did for me throughout high school. Without her I would surely not have been inducted into the National Honor Society[I still have my falsely earned pin!], been in the top 10% on the Honor Rolls or so many other things I'm sure. In return, you ask? I was her personal chauffeur. I loved to drive. She hated it. Life was good.)

Back to my original point though, the older I get the more I am wanting to continually learn new things. Maybe because I've obviously matured from the teenager I used to be and it's not forced learning, rather at my own will. Major difference there. But there's a deep satisfaction I get from making an effort to learn/try something and succeeding. Ah. Impressing yourself is way better than trying to do something simply to impress someone else. For sure. (Now that I reread that, it sounds slightly self-centered! I hope if you're reading this you can somehow understand my thought process...without thinking I'm a self-centered girl who cheated her way through high school.)

Totally random post, but isn't that what blogging is for?

Hope everyone is "feelin groovy" just like the greeter at Meijer reminded me yesterday...


Amanda said...

I am proud of you too!!!! You go with your html learnin' self!

The Cruise Director said...

Way to go with learning all of this new stuff ( the main reason I'm still on xanga is that exactly ) Good to see you blogging again.


cocojames said...

Pass on the tips when you get a chance;) I'm lost when it comes to technology!!!

And you don't sound self-centered at all!!! I totally get what you were saying:)

EJBABY said...

lol. I knew you loved me, sis.