Friday, March 28, 2008

Ode to Amanda

Greetings all. Jack and I had a fun morning...we got to meet a bunch of other little babes at the mall for a small playgroup! I think he played hard as he came home and crashed for a few hours. I would have loved to crash as well b/c I couldn't fall asleep until 2:30 this morning (headache...allergies? sinuses? barometric pressure and wacky MI weather? Probably.) But I resorted to touching up the trim paint in the bathroom. Something I intended to do 5 months ago. Oops. But it's done now. Other than that, a pretty darn uneventful day. For which I am thankful.

I was chatting with my friend, Amanda, tonight. She knows of my blog streak and I was asking what I should blog about...since our day was fairly uneventful as mentioned above. It was really a rhetorical question but she replied with "how wonderful I am...what an honor it is to know me." So, here goes, good friend:

My Ode to Amanda...

First of all my dear friend you're way cool,
I wonder what you were like in elementary school?
We started with the knot and then moved to the nest
Now to the baby board...yet to come is the best!
I love that you always comment on my blog,
And Elsie...she's your pretty cool white and gray dog.
And so beautiful is your little girl, Addie
I really do think she looks just like her daddy.
I know I always kid you for this and for that
But please don't think I'm just trying to be a brat.
I've never met such a ridiculously picky eater
Or someone who doesn't like to park at a parking meter
Actually, I don't know if the last one is true,
But I couldn't come up with a word that rhymed there too.
So Amanda, without you my life would be boring
Thank you for being so kind and adoring.
The end.


Amanda said...

What a GREAT blog!!!! Elsie is black and white, but I will forgive you for that... and I do not like to park at meters :)

Vanessa said...

Wow, that was beautiful (standing ovation). :)

Glad you were able to get that little project done. I'm sure it feels good to finally have that done!

scott and rach said...

And the talents continue!

The Loucks Family said...

Too cute!

missy said...

That is too cute Julie, great job!!

Sir Toots A lot said...

So funny
(Austins mommie)

Anonymous said...