Thursday, April 24, 2008

Every title so far this month has "cupcake" in the this one does too.

First of all, Happy Birthday to my mom today! I love you!

So it's been 16 days since I've blogged...where has that time gone!?

Jolyn and her family were here on a visit for 10 days which was wonderful to spend time with them! Sam is getting so big :) I have to say I think the highlight of their time here was the day before they left. Sam colored the walls, carpet, sofa, cat (and himself) with a red marker! Muffin (the cat) is no longer pink, the walls are repainted, the carpet's looking pretty good now and I'm hoping Sam no longer has red streaks across his legs and cheeks. (Jolyn, did you get any strange looks in the airport?!) The sofa is a lost cause...but at least he was smart enough to color on the back that faces a's not really visible. Oh Sam, Aunt Julie still loves you very very much! :) Thank you for that memory.

Well, scary day yesterday. Jack fell off the kitchen counter (something I never do, but for whatever reason I thought he'd have fun sitting with his feet in the sink playing and eating snacks next to me...) Even less than a foot away and I still couldn't catch him :( That "boom" was the absolute worst sound yet. On the wood floor. He started screaming after a moment and then starting getting sleepy-like, dozing in and out. I start panicking inside and grab him to rush off to the hospital. I opened the door and there was Rob, home early to surprise us for the afternoon. (His timing could not have been better!) We ended up going to the pediatrician's office instead as they could see him immediately and it was closer. After a very thorough check and recheck a half hour later, they said it was a mild concussion and he has no signs of severe head trauma. Thank the Lord! Jack was acting more like himself by the time we left. We did have to wake him several times through the night to make sure he responded "normally" which he did. And he's on Tylenol today b/c I'm sure he has a headache! But he is ok and back to his normal, happy self today :) I am thankful.

Wedding season is in full swing now...and that means makeup to me! I have so many many weddings that I'm doing makeup for this season. I don't think I will do weddings forever, simply because of the schedule (always on Saturdays!) but I very much love working with the brides and being a part of their special day. I'm slowly (and I do mean slowly!) working on a business plan to launch my own freelance makeup gig now...legally. Hoping to eventually just do more work with photographers, print...and maybe even t.v. and film. (I can think big :) But first I have a lot of things on my to-do list (and prior commitments) to accomplish. My goal is by the end of the summer to have it all up and running. We shall see. One thing I will not let happen though is for this to get in the way of being a great mom to Jack...he's my first job. I don't want to miss out on anything and always want to be available for him. It would be nice though to have the best of both...and be able to schedule events around my time with Jack. Hoping to find a happy balance.

Alright, enough of my ramblings...I have painting to do while Jack's napping. (The playroom project is in tow.)

So long for now!


Amanda said...

Ahh the red marker! Glad it is all taken care of now (minus the SOFA)

Glad Jack is feeling better, and have fun doing makeup!

Amy Carroll said...

Julie! The red marker! Poor Jack! What a week for you all. So glad to hear little Jack is ok. Rob's timing was perfect!

You know I'll help you with that business goal...let's get together soon!