Thursday, August 14, 2008

Play time and new shoes :)

We decided to meet up with some friends today at one of the mall play areas. What fun! Jack had to "check in" with me every couple minutes...maybe he thought I was going to leave him! He also wasn't too sure about the slide. But loved going around to all the little babies and giving them little "thigh squishes" (he learned that one from me as I love to squish his little chunky thighs!) A few quick snapshots from the morning:

And yesterday's shopping trip for fall clothes inspired me to find shoes for Jack (his sandals are the only ones that fit him right now). Say hello to his new shoes (I just ordered them today on a super fabulous sale...even better!):
And lastly, reading with Grandma a few days ago. I love this one :)


Amanda said...

So cute! Those shoes are adorable, and I, too, like the last one :)

heather moore said...

super cute shoes Julie! What are they?

I didn't realize that CP had such a nice play area!

Courtney said...

Cute pics from the playdate! The picture of Jack reading with Grandma is precious! I'm sure she loves that picture too!