Friday, August 22, 2008

Words are fun :)

And now a lesson (er, rather interpretation) in Jack's vocabulary. At least the ones I can think of for now besides "mommy," "daddy" and "hi" that is.

"wing"= swing
"paco"= pinecone
"pone"= phone
"nigh nagh"= night, night
"pi-eee"= pretty
"uh-pane"= airplane
"buh-eee"= birdie
"beet"= beach
"wuh-how!"= wow
"per, per"= cooper the cat
"dull dun"= all done
"call con"= all gone

I think my favorite of all of them is "paco." It just sounds so cute to hear him running around saying "paco, paco, paco!" Well we're off to run errands and then I have a wedding to do this afternoon. Have a great weekend everyone!


Rieses Pieces said...

These are cute "Jackism's!" In the world of parenting I just call them "Child's name ism" language! He is so cute! Hugs to all of you!

Christina said...

I'm so glad you are documenting these! Hilarious!

Amanda said...

Yay Jack!!!!!!!!