Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The zoo, fair and swimming lessons

Last weekend, we ventured the hour and a half drive to the Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek. It was very cool! Much much larger than John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids. We decided to do the Wild Africa part last as you had to take a tram ride there. Jack had so much fun seeing all the animals and being outdoors. Lastly we headed out on the tram to "Africa." When the tram pulled up to Wild Africa, I really imagined that's about what it would be like on an African safari! There were huts and great rolling hills with all sorts of animals roaming. We were not able to complete the Wild Africa part as it was getting so hot/humid and dangerously close to nap time but still were able to spend a couple hours there. We know now we'll definitely head back there to complete the Wild Africa portion...maybe when the weather cools off just a bit more :)

Riding the ant.
"Goh." (Pygmy goats, which he was actually afraid of!)
He was ok with this was behind a gate.
Whatchu lookin' at?Moo.
Yep, he's still cute...even on a cow.
The walk to the Wild Africa tram ride.
The tram. Jack was very intrigued with the voice over the loud speaker.
And I didn't take any pictures actually IN Wild Africa...I guess I was too busy admiring the animals.

Later that day, we headed to the Hudsonville Fair. Oh my goodness...Jack was in heaven with all the tractors! He LOVED (and that's an understatement) riding on all of them. And I do mean ALL. Forget about the actual fair with elephant ears and rides and carnival games...all he wanted to do was walk through the tractors and try them all out. I think I'll just start calling him John Deere now.

We could barely keep up with him. As soon as we set him down from one tractor it was on to the next...
...and the next...
...and the next......and the next...
His "vroom, vroom" face.
...and the next...
This one! I didn't get to try this one out!
Super giant tires...quite intimidating, really.
The best (ok, very poor!) attempt at a family photo of the day, but obviously Jack's too intrigued with the tractor (which matched my purse as you can see the strap on my shoulder.)
In other news, Jack and I previewed a gymnastics class early this week. I was contemplating signing him up for their program this fall as he enjoys tumbling at home. I am glad we did the preview though because I think he's still a little too young to comprehend all of the instructions without being overwhelmed. It's an absolutely fantastic program but I think we'll postpone it a few more months until he's closer to 2. Instead I just signed him up for swimming lessons which start in a few weeks and run through the middle of fall. (He loves the pool!) It should be lots of fun for a few months :)

(Edit: I added the photos finally and waited over an hour for the video to such luck! I'll try uploading it to YouTube or another site this week and then will post the link.)


Amanda said...

I want to do the safari! Last time we went we couldn't go on it, and it was pre-Addie, I am sure she would love it! Can't wait to see pics!!!!!

Leslie said...

Oh, the Safari sounds so cool! That does sound like a neat fall outing!

Okay and Jack on all of these tractors is just cracking me up! He is ALL boy!