Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The shoes are here!

We're now the proud owners of a Hoover SteamVac (although I can't figure out why it's called that b/c no steam is involved?) It's a carpet shampooer, basically. Our carpet actually looks new again and it's pretty excellent :) With 2 cats and Jack I wish we would have invested in something like this a long time ago! (Another example of "you know you're old get excited about household appliances.")

Jack's new shoes arrived today. (They're even more adorable in person and on his feet!) First of all, just seeing the UPS driver was exciting enough and Jack was babbling up a storm to the driver and waving (we were playing outside at the time). Then he was even more excited about what was IN the box. (I let him help open it.) When he saw his shoes he immediately whipped off the shoes he had on and held his foot up for me to put them on. He was so tickled and excited he ran all the way down to the end of the street and back to give them a little test run. I think he likes them :)

What he doesn't know is that there's another pair that should be arriving tomorrow too. He's going to be in for even more excitement :) These are tomorrow's shoes (but I bought them in a size up for later this fall/winter). Little boys really are so much fun to dress!

In other news, after much thought we've changed our February trip to the Bahamas slightly around. Instead of going on a Disney cruise, we are going to rent a condo in Orlando for 5 days and have time to relax, a day at the ocean, and a day at Disneyworld. We'll also spend a day at Universal Studios with my family after they return from the cruise. We're excited about it!

Well, Jack's sleeping and I have a million things I'd like to accomplish. Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

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Amanda said...

The shoes are super cute, and I would be excited about a carpet shampooer too!