Friday, April 04, 2008

7 cupcakes later...

I put on a pair of my yoga pants tonight. Like I always do when I lounge around at home. Except this time they felt tight. And they are already pretty fitting pants. I think I've had 7 too many cupcakes in the last couple days.

Well, the guest room is done! As done as it's going to be until I get some new bedding in there and accessories on the walls. But done enough for Jolyn's visit next week! (Hip hip hooray!!!!) So I had to settle for a solid cream duvet set I already had. Rob told me he just can't justify yet ANOTHER bed set...(you see, I used to work at Restoration Hardware and Macy's...and let's just say I LOVE HOME LINENS). I know I already have too many sets, but none in a solid, crisp white like I'm picturing for this room. So, cream for now it is! I'll settle. I would take photos but well, it's 11:45pm and I'm quite tired. And the lighting...not so great right now anyway.

So the big birthday bash is tomorrow! Oh I am so tickled excited about it! My little boy is celebrating his first birthday! Wow! And I know he wants nothing more than balloons :) He has an absolute love with helium-filled balloons. So I've ordered a huge bunch of them! He's going to be in balloon heaven :) Whenever we are at the grocery store, we pass by the floral counter that has a big balloon display next to it. He gets this completely giddy look on his face, points and says "BA BA BA BOO?" I cannot wait to see the look on his face when he sees all the balloons tomorrow :)

Alright...very late...must get rest for tomorrow! Pictures in another post... :)


Amanda said...

Yay for finshing the cupcakes! I am sure Jack will have a blast today!

Vanessa said...

Hope Jack has a fabulous time at his Bday bash!!!

I'm sure the guest room will look great! Our guest room was a shade of blue with white bedding, etc. I loved it. Then we found out I was pregnant....SO, it's totally diff. now. :)