Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Color me cupcakes!

Today I made cupcakes. 54 to be exact. 18 jumbo giant over-sized mammoth cupcakes and 36 regular-sized cupcakes. There are red, orange, green, blue and chocolate brown colors. And the flavors are red velvet, chocolate, french vanilla and yellow cake. Yummm! I love cupcakes. Oh yes, I really really do. I can't wait to frost them (and the frosting will be so many colors too!) topped with sprinkles... So, in my freezer sit 52 cupcakes (Jack and I both had one) waiting to be frosted and eaten on Saturday at Jack's birthday party. I will be sure to take photos of all these wondrous little cakes... Did I mention yet that I love cupcakes?

Tonight we worked on more edging in the guest room. I'm so painted out. It should be finished tomorrow hopefully. Then next I have extravagant plans for the playroom... Which is much larger. And slightly intimidating. But I have this image in my head of how it will look and I wish I could just snap my fingers and see it come to life! Too bad it doesn't quite work that way, right? :)

Hope everyone has a good night!


Amanda said...

Where is the picture of your colored fingers???? Mmmm cupcakes... sound SO yummy! I don't like sprinkles though... I think they taste like wax!

Julie said...

Colored sugar crystal sprinkles...I don't like regular sprinkles either :)

**Danielle** said...

Mmm...cupcakes :)

Amy Carroll said...

Julie! You have a blog!

I have a sudden craving for cupcakes now...YUM!

And that Tiffany-blue color for your guest room is TO DIE FOR! I simply adore it!

Vanessa said...

I LOVE cupcakes! I usually send them to work with Brian, because I know I will eat way too many if they're around!

Courtney said...

YUM!! A cupcake sounds delicious!! Have fun at Jack's birthday party!!