Sunday, April 06, 2008

A breakfast cupcake occasion!

Happy first birthday, Jack!

A whole year old! This last year has been beyond amazing and we look forward to the many years yet to come watching you grow up :) Thank you for coming in to our lives, Jack! You bring more laughter, life, happiness, kisses and hugs, toots and giggles, goofiness, and union to our home. Our family has new meaning with you. We are blessed. Truly blessed.

And Baby, I loved having blue cupcakes over breakfast with you this morning, just the two of us (shhh....don't tell daddy).

We love you Mr. Goose!

Mommy and Daddy


Amanda said...

Awww look a Jack eating the cat food!!!

Happy Birthday Jack!!!!!!!!

Enjoy those cupcakes!

cocojames said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!! Wish we could have joined in the cupcakes with you!!!

Sadie VK said...

Aww, what a precious letter. And the pictures were so cute, as usual. :-)

missy said...

Happy birthday Jack, love the little letter to him, how sweet!

Courtney said...

Precious! Both the pictures and the letter!