Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The great cupcake search...

Jack had his little friend Regan over today to play. They are full of mischief together and decided to rummage the fridge over in search of any leftover cupcakes from his birthday party.

"OK. Here's the plan. I'll cover the door and you go for the main compartment."

"Hmmm...milk, more milk..." "And I just see veggies and fruits over here."

"Any cupcakes stationed behind the Brita?"
"Shhhh! Don't tell my mom, but I think I just spotted them on top of the butter!"

"Jack, quick! Get the cupcakes! They're on to us!"

"Rats. They got to us before we could snatch the cupcakes. Let's just settle for some Cheerios instead, shall we?"